Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.

National Register listed : None

Location: The Southern Railway and Corner of Bishop Street and Northside Drive

Original Builders: Westinghouse Electric

Period of Significance : N/A

Significant Dates : built 1941? DEM mid 2010

Boundary Justification: N/A

Description of Architectural Classification : utilitarian industrial, remodeled in 1980s-neo-Streamline Moderne

Classical Materials:

Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian

Current Functions: BUSINESS/COMMERCE


Developmental history/historic context :

The present owners strongly believe that the building had its grand opening on Pearl Harbor day, December 7, 1941. Perhaps this was an opening after a major remodeling as the author found the footprint of this building on a 1932 Sanborn Map. Whatever the origin date, it was not oriented to the railway but to the street.

US 41 is now present-day Northside Drive which this building parallels. Researched in the Trolley Barn , US 41, then Georgia Route 3, was not opened to major traffic until 1940, when it was vastly improved to carry heavy vehicles and traffic volumes. The Westinghouse Buildings' orientation to the motorized vehicular street and not the railroad track speaks in architectural and archeology linguistics to herald the oncoming epoch of street travel as primary commercial transportation.

No significant research has been done on this building. This building can be seen on the 1932 Sanborn Insurance Map as a manufacturing establishment. The northern part of the building appears to be an office and is described as being on a concrete slab with steel joists and metal lath and plaster ceiling. The southern part of the building is described as having a concrete foundation, wood roof and steel posts which would serve well for manufacturing.

The person with access to further historical information is Irv Hollis at 404.885.5290.

Description of present and historic physical appearance: The only information available at this writing is above.

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