Atlanta Butchers Abattoir & Stock Yards Co. Packing - UpChurch Packing House

National Register listed : None
Humane Treatment of meat producing livestock today

Location: 1008 Brady Avenue

Original Builders: N/A

Period of Significance : N/A

Significant Dates : N/A

Boundary Justification: N/A

Description of Architectural Classification : N/A

Historic Functions: COMMERCE:business









Developmental history/historic context : The first photos above are taken from the railway tracks and the third photo taken of the front facade on Brady Avenue. The back facade can be seen clearly from King Plow Art Center's parking lot. Little research has been done in terms of historical documentation. Obviously there are extensive exterior alterations from the street side.

1911-The Sanborn Map calls out the buildings on this site as animal barns and Atlanta Butchers Abattoir & Stock Yards Co. Packing. Its location appears to have changed by 1932 to the United Butchers Abattoir just north of the White Provision Building on Howell Mill Road.

1932-The Sanborn Map calls out the buildings on this site as the UpChurch Packing House.

1964-There is a picture of meats, apparently for advertising purposes in the Pullen Library O'Neal Collection. The photographer O'Neal classified it as:

1008 Brady Avenue - Imperial Meats Incorporated - 6/03/64


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