Saddle Shop
National Register listed : Howell Interlocking Historic District, July 25 2003

Location: 914 Brady Avenue
Original Builders: N/A
Period of Significance : N/A
Significant Dates :1914 -Building Constructed*
Boundary Justification: N/A
Description of Architectural Classification : N/A
Classical Materials: Brick over wood frame
Historic Functions: COMMERCE:business
Current Functions: N/A

Developmental history/historic context :

The National Register of Historic Places report.

The small amount of written information above is taken from page 28 of Buildings Worth Saving given out at the 1997 Bottom Line Seminar by the Atlanta Preservation Center .

According to Mr. Hannah of Howell Station this location used to be a saddle shop when the area was the Miller Union Stock Yards.


From the photo taken in the 1950s at left one can surmise that the vitality of the symbiotic industrial/retail/residential activity of the mid Artery followed the trolley line north to this point. The Saddle Shop is at the end of this block if one hangs left and then looks to the end of the line of buildings on the right.

* This building does not show up on the 1932 Sanborn which could be an oversight of the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

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