S.E. Meat Company

National Register listed : None
Humane treatment of meat producing livestock today

Location: 914 Howell Mill Road NW
Original Builders: N/A
Period of Significance : N/A
Significant Dates : 1908- Building Constructed
Boundary Justification: N/A
Description of Architectural Classification : N/A
Classical Materials: Brick over wood frame
Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian industrial
Current Functions: COMMERCE:business

Developmental history/historic context : No significant research has been done on this building. The written information above is taken from page 29 of Buildings Worth Saving given out at the 1997 Bottom Line Seminar by the Atlanta Preservation Center or happened on by the author.

Some interior photographs were found at the Pullen Archives in the O'neal collection. These were an open house held at the S.E. Meat Company on Febuary 4, 1969 . The author did not have copies made but this business card was attached to the negatives by Mr. O'neal:.

Purveyors of Fancy Meats & Poultry for Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions.

Mark Johnson, Sales Manager

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