Puritan Soap Company/ Puritan Mill

National Register listed : King Plow Historic District
Readaptive Use Developers : Weaver & Woodbery Real Estate/Urban Reality Partners 404-233-1411
Readaptive Use Architects : Smith-Dalia Architects
Event Space : events@puritanmill.com

Location: 916 - 950 Lowery Blvd.(formerly Ashby St.) Atlanta, GA 30318

Original Builders: Puritan Soap Company

Significant Dates: Built between the years of 1917 - 1947

Boundary Justification: King Plow Historic District

Description of Architectural Classification: Early Modern

Classical Materials: Concrete block/brick/post and beam

Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian industrial

Current Functions:

Developmental history / historic context:

Description of present and historic physical appearance:

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