Miller Union Stock Yards

National Register listed : King Plow/ Railroad Historic District

Humane treatment of meat producing livestock today
ABOVE: Miller Union Horse Barns c.1910 DEM.c.1930? Coutesy of the Atlanta History Center
The southeast sector of the upper Artery historically served as the Miller Union Stockyards for horse venders (similar to the automobile venders of today and the major form of tranportation other than trolleys and trains in pre-car days) as well as for the sale of mule livestock and meat producing cows and pigs. The White Provision Company and other slaughter houses were adjacent.

A letter in the Stockyards folder at the Atlanta History center states that Captain John Miller and his wife Mollie moved to Atlanta in 1881 from Kentucky with their seven children and that Captain Miller founded the Union Miller Stockyards at this time. This letter also says:

White Provision Building Florence Hotel
ABOVE ( view from northwest) AND BELOW (view from south): The Miller Union Stockyard showing the Florence Hotel (above in the right hand corner) built for the Exposition Cotton Mill 25 years earlier. An extensive barn complex was located where the Marta 1040 Brady Ave Bus Operating Facility is today. At one point between 1930 and 1970 this area was the also Peachbowl Stock Car Racetrack. In the birds eye (above) the White Provision Company can be seen in the upper right hand corner. Coutesy of the Atlanta History Center
Story has it that he knew his mules and his men, particularly the notoriously slick mule traders, and that by the turn of the century Captain Miller had done so well that he had been able to move his seven brothers and sisters, one-by-one, from Kentucy to Atlanta.

The avatars of the White Provision Company, Upchurch Packing House, United Butchers Abattoir, Inc.and S.E. Meats have still standing industrial buildings located around this region of Atlanta. Buildings which used to serve as dairies, saddle shops and livestock auction houses are also still existent in Midtown West. Barns, stables and pens for horses , mules, cattle, pigs and other types of livestock covered much of the landscape until the 1940s. Railroads from all over the United States brought these animals to Atlanta. Dr. J.L. Hoppins veterinary offices are visible on the photo showing the split of Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road.

On Sanborn maps a box with an 'X' through it signifies an animal stable or barn and the Miller Union Stockyards had many 'X's within it . Historically this building type has created a low density historical building fabric in the upper Artery because of the perishable nature of these stockyard wood structures. A major fire swept through the stockyards sometime in the 1940s and many of the wood barns and stables burned down at that time according to Jule Carter of Howell Station Historic District.

The Exposition or Florence Hotel, later called the Stockyard Hotel, was originally built in 1881 for The Exposition Cotton Mills. The Miller Union Stockyards are directly across the tracks from the Cotton Exposition Mills where the hotels are said to be located in Franklin Garretts' Vol. II of Atlanta And Environs, pg. 42 :

Murphy's Dairy Saddle Shop Exposition Cotton Mills Upchurch Packing House Ragsdale Horse and Mule S.E. Meat Company Laura Haygood Grade School NorthsideTavern King Plow Arts Center E.Van Winkle Gin and Machinary H.G. Poss White Provision Company

....."What will you do with your operatives?"

"We will lodge them in the Exposition Hotel [across the W. & A. tracks from the exposition grounds proper]. This will be changed somewhat and will do capitally for operatives. It will accommodate a great many."...

ABOVE:1932 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
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