King Plow New Development

National Register listed : King Plow/ RailRoad Historic District

Location : West Marietta Street, near King Plow Arts Center

Original Builders : n/a Soon to be posted

Period of Significance : n/a

Significant Dates : n/a

Boundary Justification: n/a

Description of Architectural Classification : n/a Classical Materials: n/a

The King Plow/Railroad Historic District includes the following buildings :

King Plow Arts Center with :
1. the Annex buillding at 947 W. Marietta Street (4 work-live lofts)
2. the Kewanee building at 955 W. Marietta Street
3. the Grace Building at 957 W. Marietta Street
4. Empty lots at 978 and 988 W. Marietta Street

Ashby Street Trolley Barn
(16 work-live units)
Puritan Mill
Murrays Mill
The White Provision Company
Mead Company Buildings
Properties owned by Richard Martin.

The year 2000 will begin a process of creating renewed urban life with 200 new loft units in this soon to be Historic District. The sense of a community of adaptively reused buildings is infectious and the nearby Atlanta Community Food Bank Warehouse is being rehabilitated and the Mead Company Buildings have agreed to pedestrian cut through paths.

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