Hatcher Appliance Company

National Register listed : None

Location: 660 NW 9th Street and 933 Watkins Street
Original Builders: Hatcher Appliance Company
Significant Dates : 1950's - Construction of Building:
Description of Architectural Classification : Utilitarian (with great skylights to economically assemble appliances)
Classical Materials: Wood beams, brick and concrete
Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian industrial
Current Functions: Yoga Center, Photography Gallery, Artists Work Spaces, Lofts

Developmental history / historic context :

From a 01/16/00 interview with the owner Robert Cain :

From the 1950's until the '60's this building served as an appliance factory for washers and dryers and the like. In the 60's and 70's Action Graphic and the scene shop for the Academy Theatre operated under these roofs. In the 80's the building was abandoned until purchased in 1991 by Robert Cain and renovated to it's present state.

Description of present and historic physical appearance: Examine photo or drive through the area.

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