Standard Oil Company Inc. of Kentucky / Allied Factory Warehouse #2

National Register listed : The entire Bellwood district is expected to obtain a listing in the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES around January 2000.

Location: 500 Means Street NW Atlanta GA 30318

Original Builders: Standard Oil Company Inc. of Kentucky

Period of Significance : N/A

Significant Dates : N/A

Boundary Justification: N/A

Description of Architectural Classification : utilitarian industrial

Classical Materials: N/A

Historic Functions: INDUSTRY:utilitarian


Current Functions: DOMESTIC: multiple dwelling CULTURAL:gallery, artist studios COMMERCE:small business

For More Information Call: Bill Gould, WTG Properties, 404.521.0957

Developmental history/historic context : The present day structure's footprint can be seen on the 1911 and 1932 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

The building, now known as the ALLIED FACTORY LOFTS, was constructed beginning in the late 1800's. Additional work continued on the property up through the early 1930's. Originally built by the Standard Oil Company as a coopershop (barrel making shop), the more recent uses, including those of the Allied Factory Warehouse Co., were related to the auto parts wholesale business.

The building exhibits fine examples of heavy timber post-and-beam construction with both granite and brick load bearing walls. The interior features 3 generations of original tongue-and-groove flooring and all of the original weighted fire doors. Exterior features include arched brick window openings, the original center-pivot window units, and star-shaped earthquake pinning. Additionally, the east side courtyard of the property contains a portion of the original cobblestone street which serviced both the building and the adjacent rail lines.

Purchased in November of 1993 by W.T.G. PROPERTIES, the property has undergone continuous renovation. To date 10 true live/work lofts have been finished out with additional work and storage units. Working in conjunction with other property owners, Bill Gould, sole proprietor of W.T.G. PROPERTIES, helped to establish the MARIETTA STREET ARTERY ASSOCIATION. This group of residents, business and property owners has been instrumental in providing a voice for this long neglected district of the city. Since 1995 Mr. Gould has engaged in discussions with the History Department of Georgia State University in efforts to create a course curriculum relating to the ALLIED FACTORY and the entire MARIETTA STREET ARTERY DISTRICT. Theses efforts are reaching fruition as the Bellwood District is expected to obtain a listing in the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES around January 2000.

The Official Tour Program of the1998 3rd Annual Downtown Tour of Lofts says this : Built in the 1800s by Standard Oil of Kentucky, as a barrel making shop. Converted to 12 loft spaces in 1990, it features expansive loft spaces with exposed brick, heartpine floors, and courtyard patios.

Units on Tour:


STUDIO A 2,770sf 2 story apt., kitchen, bath, 2 work sinks

STUDIO B1,700sf 2 story apt., unfinished

STUDIO C 1,325sf apt., kitchen, bath w/ guest vanity >

STUDIO D 2,300sf 2 story apt., kitchen, bath, work sink

STUDIO E 1,500sf 2 story apt., kitchen, bath, sound studio

STUDIO F 3,000sf 2 story apt., kitchen, bath, office/shop

STUDIO G 975sf apt., kitchen, bath, private deck

STUDIO H 900sf apt., kitchen, bath, private deck

STUDIO 1 770 work studio, private patio

STUDIO P 2,800 2 story apt., unfinished

STUDIO X 300 work studio/storage

STUDIO Y 280 work studio, loft, -1 bath 2 STUDIO Z 680 work studio, vented work sink, dock door

STORAGE C 275 work studio/storage

STORAGE F 150 work studio/storage

TOTAL 19,725 S.F. (rentable)


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