Ragsdale Mule and Horse Company

National Register listed : None


Location: 1000 Marietta Street

Original Builders: N/A

Period of Significance : N/A

Significant Dates : 1900 - Construction of Building:

Boundary Justification: N/A

Description of Architectural Classification : Neo-Mediterranean

Classical Materials: Masonry over Wood Frame


ABOVE: The back elevation of this building looking out on the Southern Railroad.

Historic Functions: COMMERCE-Business

Current Functions: N/A


Developmental history/historic context : No significant research has been done on this building.

The building has changed little in 50 years as seen from the 1950s Pullen Archive photo at the left. The neo-mediterranean facade is a remodeling of an original brick storefront. This building is still brick on the northwest facade and has some old painted signage on this brick that says :

Bonded Warehouse

Ragsdale Mule and Horse Company

ABOVE: 1950s - 1000 Marietta Street



From the photo taken on Marietta Street looking North in the 1950s (at left) one can surmise that the vitality of the symbiotic industrial/retail/residential activity of the mid Artery followed the trolley line north at least to this point. The Ragsdale Horse and Mule Company building is just around the corner if one hangs to the left and then looks left.

The Standard Oil Company Gas station seen straight ahead on the fork of Marietta and Howell Mill Road is demolished.


ABOVE: 1950s - Looking North at split of Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road


Description of present and historic physical appearance:

The color photo at left is at the corner of Howell Mill and Marietta Street looking south at the triangle of land where the Standard Oil Company used to stand in the 1950s photo. A partial elevation of the Ragsdale Horse and Mule Company building can be seen beyond. A new sign on this now exposed brick facade says:

'The Brick Works' Innovative Loft Offices Coming Soon Leasing Information : Richard Martin 404.892.4267


ABOVE: 1998-Looking South at corner of Marietta Street and Howell Mill Road

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