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My name is Sarah Huff. I am the daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Norton Huff.

I was born here in my ancestral home, Huff House, May the 9th, 1856.

History-minded and a lover of adventure, few other Atlanta children were ever born at a time so opportune.

Being born just when I was gave me a chance to know real happenings taking place in and around Atlanta during the sixties, the most important epoch in the town's century of progress.


To the past, present and future of Goldsmith School.

By their friend, Sara Huff

---Introduction by Publisher-----

The greatest way to build a future is to use aright the lessons of the past. A people which fails to regard its past will have no future. These sentiments have been expressed by some of the greatest and wisest men of old - Atlanta is indeed fortunate to have in the personality of Miss Huff an individual who not only remembers the reconstruction period and the scenes of the Civil War but whose parents have preserved many of the letters written during that period and have handed them down to her.

She has jealously guarded not only the memories of the past, but these precious manuscripts which help to make up a vivid account of the scenes of Civil War days and the reconstruction period. That she still lives with us to give us the impression of the heroism of those days is a blessing to the childhood and the youth of Atlanta. The articles which Miss Huff has written have been used in the Atlanta Public Schools in working out our activity program. They have constituted a real contribution to the history of the past and an inspiration to our youth for future achievements.

It is with great pleasure that we present them in pamphlet form to be preserved for the use of future generations. We acknowledge with grateful appreciation the courtesy of the Atlanta Journal and the gracious kindness of Miss Huff in allowing this publication, and we hope that this series of articles will be of tremendous value to the Atlanta Public Schools, to historians of the future and to the coming generation in preserving the traditions and heritages of the South.

Willis A. Sutton,

Superintendent of Schools,

Atlanta, Georgia.

September 24, 1937

The author Sara Huff and her sister lived their entire lives in this house at one time located at 1133 Huff Road [map: Google Maps].
Sara Huff was born May 9, 1856 and was 9 years old when Sherman invaded Atlanta. She wrote the downloadable and lively book My 80 Years in Atlanta about her experience during the Civil War.

Huff Road was named after this family. The Huff home was built in 1855 over the foundations of a log home constructed in the 1830's. According to both Franklin M. Garrett and the Hannah Family of Howell Station, Sara Huff was very good natured and enjoyed communicating. In a contrast that is remembered by everyone who knew them Sara's sister was very quiet and hardly said a word - an easy contrast with Sara around! The head of the Hannah family used to deliver groceries to her house in the 1940's. He said she wore little black lace-up boots like the old days, the Huff house was filled with Civil War relics and, as always mentioned, Sara loved to talk.

From the description in My 80 Years in Atlanta and from Mr. Hannah of Howell Station and Robert Haywood of Murray Company, the site of the house was at the top of the hill at the northeast corner of Huff Road and Ellsworth Industrial Avenue.

Will Compton, a 1st cousin 3 times removed from Sarah Huff, contributed the following information about the ultimate fate of the wood home:
The home was demolished in May 1954 by the owner (a Mrs. Rushton) who bought it from the Huffs in 1952. It was to become a site for a 1 million dollar toy factory. Source is the May 13, 1954 AJC newspaper.

Steven Marshall | Sr. Vice President | NAI Brannen Goddard | contributed more recent information about the the Huff House site:
The Rushton Toy Factory at 1275 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd was purchased by Custer Mayo of Mayo Fine Furniture on December 11, 1996. Perennial Properties bought the Rushton site from Custer Mayo in October 2006. The Rushton Company building was demolished in 2008 and a second Phoenix has arisen on the Huff site --The Apex West Midtown --a mixed use project with "hospitality to strangers equaling and honoring the Huff House".

From this Press Release: In 2010 the following exhibit took place honoring the Huff House:

ACP Public Art: “Before 1190 Huff Road”

1190 Huff Road NW Featuring work by: Karen Brummund
Reception: Sat, Oct 2, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition: Sat, Oct 2 to Sat, Oct 30
ACP Public Art: “Before 1190 Huff Road”

ACP has a rich history of temporary public art projects that reach out to audiences who may never go into traditional arts venues. Each year a different artist is commissioned to produce a project. Our featured artist for 2010 is Karen Brummund.
Looking down the tracks of the Western & Atlantic Railway, industrial buildings testify to Atlanta’s past glory as “Terminus.” Inside these historic warehouses worked a community that fueled the forward thinking and booming economy of the early 20th century. Now obsolete, these buildings take on new identities.
Returning to their home off Marietta Street soon after the surrender of Atlanta in 1864, Sara Huff can’t recall a single country home or church that once destroyed was restored. A few months after escaping Sherman’s march down the tracks, young Sara describes their homestead as a “monument to solitude” in a “picture of desolation.”
Built on the foundation of an 1830s log cabin, this pre-civil war home survived Sherman’s march, but did not survive the industrial enlightenment of the 1950s. In this installation, a photograph of the Huff House is placed on a warehouse from the 1950s that stands on the earlier Huff family property. Over time, this historical photograph will deteriorate and fall off. As the two dimensional representation of the past intermingles with the three-dimensional building, the installation reveals imaginative, abstract, and fresh ways to see the story of this community.
As we look forward to a prosperous and generous city, this temporary public artwork considers what is gained and lost through time.

ACP would like to thank the following for allowing the use of their building for this project.
Please visit these showrooms, artist studios and businesses while you are there:
RYR Properties
Provenance Antiques
Stanton Home Furnishings
Art Space International
M2M Draperies & Upholstery

1190 Huff Road NW Intersection of Huff Road and Ellsworth Industrial Atlanta, GA 30318-4124
[map: Google Maps]
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In 1937 when Sara was 81 years old she dedicated her book as follows:

The Huff House










1133 Huff Road with the 1855 Huff Home and 2008"Apex West Midtown". Both sit on the same hill and are shown facing South.